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We are Ella and Mason, a dynamic duo behind Here’s what you need to know about us and how we got to this point.

The conventional 9-to-5 lifestyle just wasn’t for us, so we traded in our apartment keys for van keys to embrace our love of the open road.

Armed with our laptops and able to work online, we have managed to combine our passion for adventure and thirst for the unknown, with lives as digital nomads.

Ella, with her knack for interior design, has transformed our van into a cozy, Instagram-worthy home on wheels. Well, we think so!

Mason is an IT expert and can offer his expertise to clients online no matter how remote our location is.

We have been able to live our dream life on the road, exploring hidden gems, breathtaking national parks and quaint small towns.

With so much to share, we started – a site named after the famous Wisconsin State trail – to share every step of our journey with the world.

What you will find on

  • Van Life Hacks: Tips and tricks for living comfortably and efficiently on the road.
  • Van Conversions: DIY guides and inspiration for turning a regular van into a dream home, or making upgrades to your rig.
  • Destinations: Reviews and recommendations for must-visit spots, from the well-known to the offbeat.
  • Food Recipes: Simple, delicious meals that can be cooked in the compact kitchen of any van.
  • Digital Nomad Life: Insights into balancing work and play, including finding Wi-Fi in the wilderness and managing a mobile office while enjoying life on the road.

This site is more than just a travelogue; it’s here to inspire you on your van life journey. Every post is a new chapter in our van life story.

If you would like to know more, contact us. We love to hear from like-minded couples and van lifers.

If you are interested in collabs, you can also use the form to get in touch. We’re open to all partnerships.