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Why We Started This Van Life Site


Tuscobia Trail is our guide to living the van life. We started the site to document our story and offer helpful advice, information and guides for like-minded individuals.

Living the professional life and working a 9-to-5 lifestyle (plus more hours behind the keyboard) just wasn’t for us.

So we handed in our apartment keys, gave up our rental and de-cluttered our lives to embrace our love of the open road and live the van life.

Who Are We?

We are Ella and Mason, a couple behind Tuscobia Trail which has an interesting story behind the name. is named after the famous Wisconsin State trail that we once enjoyed spending time in.

Armed with our laptops and able to work online, we live life on the road as digital nomads. We work freelance roles while enjoy beaches, mountains and the wilderness for the perfect life.

Ella works in interior design and her eye for detail helped us create the perform home that takes us on the open road.

Mason, meanwhile, is an IT expert with a range of clients around the world. It is a role that offers all the freedom we need.

We have been able to live our dream life on the road and we are here to share it.

What We Cover On

  • Van Life Hacks: Tips and tricks for living comfortably and efficiently on the road.
  • Van Conversions: DIY guides and inspiration for turning a regular van into a dream home, or making upgrades to your rig.
  • Destinations: Reviews and recommendations for must-visit spots, from the well-known to the offbeat.
  • Food Recipes: Simple, delicious meals that can be cooked in the compact kitchen of any van.
  • Digital Nomad Life: Insights into balancing work and play, including finding Wi-Fi in the wilderness and managing a mobile office while enjoying life on the road.