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Public Showers On The Road (Easy Ways To Find Them Nearby)

Public Showers Near Me

As digital nomads living on the road, we know just how hard it is to find public showers on the road. But we’ve learned along the way they it is easier than you might imagine.

Whether you’re a traveler, a camper, or someone living in your van like us and without regular access to a shower, finding public showers can be essential for maintaining hygiene and comfort.

To help you find public showers near me, we’re sharing how we do it. Find the best places for locating them and where you can get a shower for free.

Types Of Places To Find Free Public Showers Nearby

Public showers on the road can often be found in a variety of locations. Some of the common types of places where you can access showers include:

Campgrounds and RV Parks

Campgrounds and RV Parks around the country often provide shower facilities for guests and sometimes even for non-guests for a small fee.

Truck Stops

Popular among truck drivers specifically, these stops are also available for RV owners and van lifers with clean and well-maintained shower facilities in the main.

Yes, you will find some that don’t appeal that much, but you can always move on.


Gym memberships are a great way of getting access to showers post workout, or even just to use the shower. Planet Fitness is one of the more popular options with locations across the United States.

Community Centers & Public Swimming Pools

Many local community centers offer shower facilities, sometimes free or for a nominal fee. Shower facilities are also available at public pools and can be used by visitors paying to enter or just use the showers.

Beaches and Parks

Coastal areas and large parks sometimes have public showers intended for rinsing off sand and dirt. But they are also great for a shower – although it’s highly likely to be very cold. So be brave!

9 Best Ways to Find Public Showers Near You In The United States

There are make ways to find showers nearby using apps, maps and the internet. It’s a lot easier than you think, particularly when you started to get disgusted at your own smell!

Public showers can be found in many locations such as campgrounds, truck stops, community centers, public pools and parks.

Finding a public shower nearby doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Whether you’re on the road, camping, or just in need of a quick refresh, these options will help you stay clean and comfortable.

Here are the best ways to find them:

Google Maps

Search for terms like “public showers near me” or “showers at campgrounds” and Google Maps provides locations, reviews and a list of public showers nearby. It’s a quick way to find the nearest options and see what other users have to say.

AllStays App

Download the AllStays app and use it to search for campgrounds or truck stops with shower facilities. This app is particularly useful for travelers and provides detailed information on amenities available at various locations.

The FreeCampsites website is great for searching for campgrounds with shower facilities. It focuses on free and low-cost camping options, many of which include showers.

Planet Fitness

With locations nationwide, Planet Fitness gyms offers showers to members and they often have affordable membership options.

Use the website to find a nearby location and inquire about day passes or gym memberships for van lifers.


Locate your nearest YMCA and ask about their facilities and guest policies. YMCAs typically have facilities with showers available to members and sometimes to non-members for a fee. & Local Government Websites

Use the government site to find national and state parks with campgrounds that offer shower facilities. This official site provides detailed information about amenities in national parks, including shower availability.

Check the websites of local municipalities too for information on public facilities. City or county websites often list public amenities, including showers in parks and community centers.

Truck Stop Chains (Pilot Flying J, Love’s)

Search for nearby truck stops on the websites or apps of the likes of Pilot Flying J or Love’s. These truck stops have clean showers that are available to both truckers and the general public for a small fee.

Public Swimming Pools

Look up local public pools in your area and check if they have shower facilities – almost all do! Most public pools have showers that visitors can use, either free or included in the pool entrance fee.

iOverlander App

Download the iOverlander app and search for public showers in the United States. This app is popular among van lifers and travelers, providing user-generated information on where to find public showers and other amenities.

10 Best Ways To Find Public Showers In Europe

If you are in Europe, there are some alternative ways to find free showers nearby and we’ve combined with friends to come up with the list below:

Google Maps

Open Google Maps and search for terms like “public showers near me,” “campsites with showers” or “service stations with showers”. You will get user reviews ratings and locations.

Park4Night App

Download the Park4Night app on your smartphone. Use the search function to find campsites, service areas, and other locations with shower facilities.

Park4Night is an app popular among campers and vanlifers in Europe. It provides detailed information on various amenities, including showers, available at locations along with user reviews to help you choose the best spots.

Search4Sites App

Use the Search4Sites app, which is available for both iOS and Android, to search for campsites, motorhome stops and other locations with showers.

This app is specifically designed for European motorhome and campervan users. It lists thousands of locations with details on available amenities, including showers.

CampingCard ACSI

Purchase a CampingCard ACSI and use the accompanying app or guidebook to find campsites with showers.

CampingCard ACSI offers discounts at over 3,000 campsites across Europe and is great for budget-conscious travelers looking for reliable and affordable campsites.

The guidebook and app provide detailed information on each site, including the availability of shower facilities.

Motorhome and Campervan Forums

Join forums like MotorhomeFun, Caravan Club or Camping and Caravanning Club and search the chats for discussions on public showers and recommended locations.

They are a valuable resource for first-hand information from other members, who often share tips on finding public showers, including less-known spots and user reviews of facilities.

Truck Stops and Service Stations

You can use Google or specific apps like Trucker Apps to find truck stops and service stations with showers. Look for chains like Shell, BP and Total who have showers.

Many European truck stops and service stations offer showers for a small fee. These facilities are usually clean and well-maintained, providing a convenient option for travelers.

Public Swimming Pools

Search for local public pools using Google Maps or the local city’s official website close to where you are. Some pools charge an entry fee, which includes the use of showers, and are a great option for a refreshing swim followed by a shower.

Local Community Centers and Gyms

Visit local community center websites or use Google Maps to find nearby gyms. Some may offer day passes or allow non-members to use the showers for a small fee.

Beach Showers

Many European beaches, especially in tourist areas, have public showers for rinsing off salt and sand. These facilities are often free to use and can be a convenient option when traveling along the coast.

Recreation and Holiday Parks

Use websites like Eurocamp or search for holiday parks in your area. They may offer extensive facilities, including showers as they are geared towards families and vacationers.

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