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Forget Van Life – This Guy Lives His Life on Trains (Here’s How)

The Man Who Lives On Trains

Forget the traditional nomadic lifestyle of van living that’s been popularized on social media…and meet Lasse Stolley, who lives his life on trains in Germany.

While we talk about everything to do with living in a van, travelling in vans and converting vans, our eyes were attracted to a story about how a German teenager does things slightly different.

It was about Lasse Stolley, a youngster who has taken the concept of nomadism to a whole new level by making trains his home.

This isn’t about hopping from one rental property to another elsewhere in country, but Lasse lives his life entirely on the move, legally and comfortably aboard Germany’s extensive rail network.

Lasse Stolley Lives on Trains Full-Time

At 17 years old, Stolley turned the idea of settling in one place on its head. But he didn’t take up van life like many of us.

Instead, he rides 600 miles daily on Deutsche Bahn trains, utilizing an unlimited annual railcard that allows him first-class travel, access to comfortable night trains for sleep and breakfast in exclusive DB lounges.

His showers are taken at public swimming pools and leisure centers – wherever his travels take him. He is living van life, just doing it with trains as his mode of transport.

Stolley spends his days as a self-employed programmer, seated at a table among other passengers, traveling from one end of Germany to the other.

“The early months were tough, and I had to learn a lot about how it all worked,” Lasse shared in an interview with Business Insider. “Everything was different than how I’d imagined.”

How Does Train Life Work?

Stolley’s life is documented on his blog, Life on the Train, where he shares insights and the varied landscapes he encounters.

Lasse’s decision to embark on this journey began after high school. With a thirst for adventure and the whole world ostensibly open to him, he left his parents’ home in Schleswig-Holstein and hit the rails.

His daily life involves making spontaneous decisions about his next destination – whether it’s the northern seas, bustling cities like Berlin and Munich, or a serene train ride to the Alps for hiking.

Financially, Lasse manages this lifestyle on about €10,000 a year and he said: “I have a lot of freedom and can decide every day where I want to go.”

Living on trains does come with its challenges, such as ensuring he catches the right night train and adapting quickly when there are delays or cancellations.

Minimalism is a necessity in this lifestyle. Lasse travels with only the essentials: a laptop, noise-cancelling headphones for privacy and a carefully packed backpack.

“An important aspect of minimalism on the train is the reduction of material possessions,” he explains. This means letting go of unnecessary items and focusing on what’s truly essential.

Lasse’s favorite moments are when he can unwind by simply gazing out the window, watching the scenery change from cities to natural landscapes.

He particularly enjoys the route through the Middle Rhine Valley, known for its slow-paced, scenic journey alongside the river and vineyards.

As for how long he’ll continue living this way, Lasse is uncertain. “I don’t know how much longer I want to travel through Germany and wake up somewhere different every day,” he admits.

For now, his adventure continues, with five more months on his Bahncard 100 and still much to see.

His parents, initially skeptical, now fully support his unconventional choice after ensuring everything was legally sound.

They’ve helped him minimize his possessions, allowing him to lead this extraordinary life on the rails.