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Which RV Has The Best Resale Value? (How To Retain Price)

Which RV Has The Best Resale Value

For van lifers and adventurers, making a smart RV purchase is essential for satisfaction and for financial prudence. Because of that you might have asked yourself which RV has the best resale value?

Whether you’re buying a new RV or looking into the resale market to buy a used RV to save money, considering the resale value is crucial for future planning.

While maintenance is important, 80% of an RV’s resale value is determined by its manufactured elements meaning you want to own a well renowned brand for it to hold its price.

Best RVs For Retaining Resale Value

From Jayco RVs to Winnebago resale values, we’ve take a look at which ranks best and which you could potentially sell on for close to the amount your purchased it for.

Jayco RV Resale Value

Jayco RVs consistently rank as the best RVs for resale value, boasting a 4% higher resale rate than their competitors.

Jayco’s high-quality manufacturing and top-tier features make their RVs stand out in the market.

Jayco also offers industry-leading warranties, including a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and a three-year limited structural warranty.

This extended warranty period is a testament to the company’s confidence in the durability and quality of their products, making them more attractive in the resale market.

Some Jayco models are priced competitively enough to rival the used market. For example, their Starcraft and Lark Camper Trailer lines offer new models at prices that can compete with used RVs.

Airstream RV Resale Value

Airstreams RVs generally hold their value better than traditional RVs, but their resale value can still fluctuate based on market conditions.

Airstreams typically depreciate less than standard RVs. While a regular RV might lose 50% of its value in a few years, Airstreams tend to depreciate more slowly, losing about 5-8% in value per year initially before tapering off.

They are known for their durability and can last 40 years or more, which contributes to their ability to retain value over time.

While a typical fifth-wheel RV might lose substantial value from around $50,000 to less than $15,000 in a few years, Airstreams generally maintain a higher resale value.

Smaller, vintage models in good condition can command premium prices. For example, a fully restored vintage Airstream (Globetrotter or smaller) could sell for $19,000-$21,000.

Winnebago RV Resale Value

Winnebago is one of the most well-known and trusted brands and their RVs generally have strong resale value due to the popularity of the range.

One of the key reasons is the brand recognition, which helps attract buyers in the used market and among those unfamiliar with other RV manufacturers.

Winnebago has been in business for over 60 years, producing motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels and truck campers and have rightly established a reputation for building quality RVs that last a long time if properly maintained.

Winnebago also offers various types and sizes of RVs, appealing to different market segments and potentially increasing resale opportunities.

Winnebago offers a comprehensive one-year warranty for new RVs too, with specific components covered under different terms.

Grand Design RV Resale Value

Like most RVs, Grand Design models experience significant depreciation, especially in the first few years after purchase.

They don’t seem to hold their value significantly better than competitors, particularly Jayco models which retain much better value, but do come with peace of mind of a three-year limited structural warranty.

Research comparing similarly priced models over a three-year period shows that Jayco campers held about 1.5% more of their value compared to similar Grand Design models.

There can, of course, be exceptions with the 2020 Grand Design Imagine 2600RB found to depreciate 3% less than a comparable Jayco Jay Feather model.

Selling privately rather than trading in to a dealer can result in better resale value for Grand Design RVs, but they are still regularly outperformed by Jaycos.

Oliver Travel Trailers RV Resale Value

Oliver Travel Trailers are built with premium materials and craftsmanship, using fiberglass and composite technologies that resist corrosion, water damage, and deterioration.

While that might sound expensive, this durability contributes to their long-term value – as does the reputation of the luxury brand when it comes to selling in the resale market.

While Oliver trailers do depreciate, they tend to hold their value better than many other RV brands despite having a high starting price.

There is robust market for used Oliver Travel Trailers, with prices ranging from $49,500 to $84,995 for pre-owned models. They are a very attractive option in the used market, particularly with a three-year warranty.

Tiffin RV Resale Value

Tiffin RVs generally maintain strong resale values due to their reputation for quality and luxury in the motorhome market.

Used Tiffin motorhomes have a broad price range, typically from around $23,000 for older models to $344,486 or more for newer, high-end models.

Tiffin motorhomes have a market presence beyond the US with international appeal. In the UK, for example, used Tiffin motorhomes are available, with prices for models like the 2008 Tiffin Phaeton 8.9 listed at £89,499.

Tiffin offers various models like the Allegro, Allegro RED, and Phaeton, each with different features and price points. This diversity can cater to different market segments helps maintain resale values across the range.

Lazy Daze RV Resale Value

Lazy Daze has a dedicated following among RV enthusiasts and a niche appeal, which helps maintain demand for used models and support resale values.

Used Lazy Daze RVs are currently listed for sale between $13,000 and $43,000, underlining that these RVs retain some value over time as even older models command five-figure prices.

Lazy Daze specializes in Class C motorhomes, which are popular among RV enthusiasts. Older models in the resale market prove that these RVs have good longevity and are as reliable as any other brands.

New Horizon Summit RV Resale Value

New Horizon Summit fifth wheels have a wide price range in the resale market, varying from as little as $10,500 for older units to $118,900 for newer ones.

The New Horizons Summit 37IK3S is one of the models which retains it’s value best, with a lot of interest in the high-end model.

New Horizons positions itself in the luxury RV market, which typically sees better value retention compared to entry-level brands, and the limited availability also contributes to healthy prices. in the resale market.

Coachmen RV Resale Value

Coachmen is generally considered a lower to mid-tier manufacturer in terms of quality and this positioning can result in faster depreciation compared to higher-end brands.

Buying a 2-3 year old Coachmen RV can be more economical if you are in the used market, as it will have already undergone the steepest part of the depreciation curve.

Some users raise concerns over the relatively basic construction of the interior and it is this reputation or perception that negatively contributes to the resale values.

The presence of used Coachmen motorhomes in the UK market (albeit under the slightly different spelling “Coachman”) does provide some international demand to help boost resale values.

Casita RV Resale Value

Casita RVs hold their value well due to their high-quality construction, low maintenance requirements and strong market demand.

Casita trailers are considered a good investment in the RV market due to the relatively low depreciation rate and high customer satisfaction.

The resale prices for used Casita travel trailers typically range from $15,000 to $35,000 with many selling close to what a new one costs as they are highly sought after in the used market.

Used Casita trailers depreciate about $800 to $1,000 per year, which is relatively low compared to many other RV brands.

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