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26 Best Jobs For Van Life (Working On The Open Road)

Best Jobs For Van Life

The whole idea of van life was because we both wanted a world where work meets the opening road. We’ve succeeded, but what are the best jobs for van life?

We are now navigating the vast landscapes in our cozy van while keeping up with our remote careers. As a jack of all trades, we’ve adapted to various roles that suit our nomadic lifestyle, from freelance writing to managing online businesses.

The key to success while living on the road has been a combination of versatility and a strong Wi-Fi signal, allowing us to turn every new destination into a makeshift office.

Like many people on the road, living in a van has taught us the importance of flexibility and resourcefulness, especially when it comes to employment.

We’ve tapped into the gig economy, taking on freelance projects that align with our skills and interests. Whether it’s crafting articles under the stars or consulting with clients parked by the ocean, our work is as varied as the landscapes we explore. 

The Digital Nomad’s Toolkit

The digital nomad lifestyle is supported by a toolkit of skills that enable us to work from anywhere. Mason excels in keen attention to detail and has mastered affordable online courses to stay ahead in engine optimization and marketing jobs. 

With the right digital skills, the road becomes more than a journey; it’s an opportunity for growth and success in the vast online marketplace.

1. Virtual Assistance & Data Entry

As van lifers, virtual assistance has been a gateway to remote work that allows us to earn money from the road. We support online businesses, handling their administrative tasks with precision.

These remote positions often don’t require formal qualifications, making them an accessible entry point for many looking to embrace the freedom of the open road.

2. Freelance Writing or Editing

Our journeys fuel our writing skills, providing endless inspiration for crafting words as freelance writers or editors. With strong communication skills, we’ve built a remote career that revolves around creating compelling content. 

From blogging to editing jobs, there’s a demand for wordsmiths like us who can weave narratives that resonate with readers across the globe.

3. Graphic Designer Roles

As graphic designers, we harness the power of graphic design software to create visuals that captivate audiences, regardless of our location. The demand for graphic designers is high, allowing us to bring ideas to life while surrounded by nature’s beauty. 

It’s a profession that not only fuels our creativity but also complements our nomadic lifestyle perfectly.

4. Web Development

Web development has been a cornerstone of our van life careers, with coding projects and remote IT jobs unfolding as the landscapes around us change.

The flexibility of this field means we can build and troubleshoot websites on the go, ensuring our technical skills remain as mobile as our home on wheels.

5. Become a Digital Marketer

Digital marketing remains a staple in our repertoire, with engine optimization strategies crafted from the serenity of the wilderness.

This aspect of our work not only keeps us connected with the latest trends but also ensures our clients’ messages reach their intended audiences, no matter where we are parked.

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6. Social Media Management

Our van life journey has intertwined with the roles of social media management, allowing us to help business owners stay connected with their audiences.

The dynamic nature of social media pairs well with our ever-changing environment, creating a synergy between our travels and the digital communities we cultivate for our clients.

7. Data Analysis

Remote data entry jobs are a perfect fit for van life, transforming numbers into insights while we traverse the country. This flexibility allows us to dive into datasets and emerge with actionable intelligence, all from the comfort of our rolling home.

8. SEO Consulting

SEO consulting is another facet of our work that thrives in the tranquility of our off-grid locations. We optimize our client’s online presence, ensuring that even the most remote businesses can be found by their target audience.

Our van serves as a mobile hub for innovation and strategy, proving that great ideas don’t require a traditional office space.

Educating from Afar

Teaching and learning know no bounds, and our van life has become a mobile classroom. Online teaching and tutoring allow us to share knowledge across borders, utilizing our bachelor’s degrees and expertise in various subjects.

The rapidly growing field of online education opens doors to teach English as a native English speaker and to conduct online classes that inspire and inform.

9. Online Teacher or Tutor

Online tutoring has become an extension of our van life, enabling us to mentor students from all corners of the globe.

With the growth of online classes, we’ve found joy in making education accessible, sharing our knowledge, and fostering a love for learning that transcends physical boundaries.

10. E-Courses and Workshops

With van life, you can take your teaching talents on the road by creating e-courses and workshops. Whether you’re an expert in photography, business, or wellness, your knowledge can be packaged into online courses.

Use the ever-changing backdrop of your travels to inspire content, and leverage platforms that allow you to sell your courses to a global audience.

It’s a fulfilling way to earn an income while sharing your passion and maintaining the freedom of the open road.

11. Language Instruction

Language instruction is a highly portable job perfect for van lifers. As you explore different cultures, you can offer language lessons online to students worldwide. Use video conferencing tools to connect and engage with learners, adapting to time zones as you travel.

Your experiences on the road can enrich your teaching, making lessons vibrant and contextually rich for your students who can learn from your direct experiences in various linguistic landscapes.

Creative and Artistic Pursuits

Living life in a van doesn’t mean you have to give up on creative and artistic pursuits. It can be the catalyst for inspiration. From painting to writing, your craft can flourish with ever-changing vistas as your muse. 

Selling your creations online or at local markets you visit can be both a source of income and a way to connect with diverse audiences.

Plus, the stories you gather can become the narrative thread that weaves through your art, making it unique and sought-after.

12. Travel Photography

Your van life adventure provides a golden opportunity to enhance your photography skills. With the freedom to chase the perfect light and landscapes, you can turn your passion into profit by selling your photos online or at art shows.

Capture the essence of the places you visit and share them with the world. Setting up an online shop for your prints allows admirers of your work to purchase a piece of your journey, no matter where you or they might be.

13. Crafting & Selling Goods

Traveling in your van opens up a world of possibilities for crafting and selling goods. Whether you’re knitting cozy blankets or creating bespoke jewelry, your talents can be monetized.

Set up an online storefront to showcase your work, and utilize social media to reach a broad audience interested in handmade items.

As you journey from place to place, you might also find local artisan markets where you can display your goods, blending the joy of making with the practicalities of selling them online.


14. Blogging

Your life on the road is a story waiting to be told, and blogging is the perfect platform to share it. Document your travels, the challenges and triumphs of van life, and offer tips to those considering this lifestyle.

Engage with your audience through compelling narratives and visuals. A well-crafted blog can not only become a personal diary but also a potential source of income through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and advertising as your following grows.

Traditional Jobs Adapted For Van Life

Van life doesn’t have to mean abandoning traditional employment. With the rise of remote work or hybrid remote work, many jobs can now be done from the comfort of your mobile abode. Freelance writing, consulting, and even customer service can all generate money on the road.

By leveraging specialized skills, you can maintain a full-time income while living the van life. This flexibility allows for a balance between work and adventure, ensuring you can fund your travels and professional aspirations simultaneously.

15. Bookkeeping & Accounting

The precision required for bookkeeping and accounting can now be applied remotely, making it an ideal job for van lifers. With cloud-based software and secure internet connections, you can manage finances for clients from anywhere.

Your mobile office can be just as effective as a stationary one, providing you with the flexibility to explore while keeping your professional services meticulous and reliable for those who rely on your financial expertise.

16. Legal Services

Legal professionals are finding that their services are not confined to an office. With remote customer service platforms, answering questions, consulting, and managing cases can be done from anywhere. Speaking English, along with other languages, can enhance your ability to serve a diverse clientele.

As you travel, your legal acumen can be offered across time zones, providing valuable advice to clients while you enjoy the freedom of the road.

17. Project Management

Project managers can excel while embracing van life by utilizing a robust management system to stay connected with their teams.

The key to success is effective communication, ensuring that despite physical distances, project milestones are met, and productivity remains high.

With a variety of remote project management roles available, you can lead and coordinate efforts from any location, making the world your office and adventure your backdrop.

18. Consulting

Consultants in various fields can offer their expertise from a mobile office, capitalizing on their years of experience and education.

Whether your background is in IT, marketing, or any other specialized field, consulting remotely allows you to support clients while living the van life.

By setting your hours and choosing projects that resonate with you, consulting becomes not just a job, but a lifestyle choice that aligns with your passion for travel and flexibility.

Seasonal Jobs and Freelance Opportunities

Van life pairs well with the ebb and flow of seasonal and freelance work. Engaging in seasonal retail, guiding jobs at national parks, or working in ski shops can provide income while allowing you to experience different regions and communities.

These temporary jobs in the places you’re visiting offer a way to immerse yourself in local culture while supporting your nomadic lifestyle. The flexibility of moving slowly and getting seasonal or temporary work can be a fulfilling way to make a living on the move.

19. Travel Nursing

Healthcare professionals have a unique opportunity to combine their passion for care with their love of travel through travel nursing. Taking on short-term assignments in various locations across the country allows for a rewarding career that fits seamlessly with van life.

Between gigs, you have the freedom to explore and relax, striking a perfect balance between work and travel, while providing essential services in different communities.

20. Seasonal Work

Seasonal work is a cornerstone of van life, offering the flexibility to align your job with your travel plans. Whether it’s seasonal retail positions, guiding jobs in tourist hotspots, or positions in hospitality during peak seasons, these roles can offer a unique way to integrate work with exploration.

By opting for temporary jobs in the places you visit, you can experience the local flavor and rhythms while earning an income that fuels your adventures.

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21. Freelancing Platforms

Freelancing platforms are a goldmine for van lifers looking for gig work that aligns with their nomadic lifestyle. From writing and graphic design to aspects of digital marketing, these platforms offer a variety of freelance gigs that can be performed from anywhere.

Good communication skills are essential for success, as they’ll help you connect with potential clients and convey your services effectively. Embrace the freedom to choose projects that interest you and build a career on your terms, all while enjoying the open road.

Unconventional & Unique Van Life Roles

Van life opens the door to unconventional job opportunities that fit seamlessly with the mobile lifestyle. These roles not only cater to the flexibility required by life on the road but also allow you to explore your passions and interests while earning an income.

From crafting digital products to teaching fitness, these unique jobs can complement your journey, offer a sense of fulfillment, and provide financial support without anchoring you to a single location.

22. Crafting and Selling Digital Downloads

Imagine creating a product once and earning from it repeatedly. That’s the beauty of digital downloads, a source of passive income that’s perfect for van life. You can design printables like planners, journals, or coloring pages and sell them online.

To drive traffic to your digital store, you could leverage social media or collaborate with influencers. And if you’re not a designer, no worries – hire a freelancer to bring your ideas to life, then market them to a growing audience eager for unique and useful digital products.

23. Fitness & Yoga Instruction

Becoming a fitness instructor or yoga teacher is a great way to promote health and well-being from anywhere. With classes at yoga studios often taught online, you can connect with students globally. 

Consider partnering with local studios or using platforms like YogaTrade that offer work-trade opportunities to teach in different places. This flexibility allows you to schedule work around your travels, ensuring you can continue exploring without sacrificing your passion for teaching and fitness.

24. Pet & House Sitting

For van lifers who enjoy stability now and then, pet and house sitting can be a rewarding way to stay in one place temporarily.

By becoming trusted house sitters, you immerse yourself in different communities, care for pets, and ensure homes are safe while their owners are away.

This role not only provides a temporary home base and potential income but also offers the chance to experience new locations from the comfort of a “home” without a long-term commitment.

Finding and Securing Van Life Employment

Securing employment that complements your van life adventure is crucial. It’s about finding a balance between work that fuels your travels and jobs that can be performed from the confines of your mobile abode. 

With a myriad of remote opportunities, the challenge lies in identifying roles that suit your skills and offer the flexibility required for life on the road.

25. Leveraging Job Boards and Remote Work Sites

To find your ideal van life career, start by scouring job boards and remote work sites tailored for van lifers. These platforms can connect you with remote jobs that are a perfect match for your nomadic lifestyle. 

Keep your online resume updated with relevant skills and experiences, and don’t forget to include tips for staying productive while on the move – employers love knowing that you can manage your workload from anywhere.

26. Building a Strong Online Presence and Network

In today’s rapidly growing field of online teaching, having a strong online presence can open doors to teaching English or other subjects.

If you’re a native English speaker with a bachelor’s degree, consider teaching English as a second language.

Expand your reach by offering online classes, and engaging with communities that share your expertise. A well-established network can lead to consistent work and allow you to share your knowledge from any location.

Navigating the Best Jobs for Van Life

As you pursue a van life remote career, remember that the unconventional path often leads to the most rewarding destinations.

Whether you’re crafting digital products, teaching online, or finding other creative ways to work, the key is to embrace flexibility and adaptability. 

By doing so, you’ll be able to enjoy the freedom of the open road without sacrificing the stability of a 9 to 5 job, making every day an opportunity for both work and adventure.