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Best RV Air Conditioner (Recommended Units To Stay Cool on the Road)

Best RV Air Conditioner

Finding the best RV air conditioner means ensuring your mobile home offers the same comfort as a brick-and-mortar residence, no matter where your travels take you.

The right air conditioner not only cools your space efficiently but also operates quietly, preserving the serenity of your natural surroundings.

With advancements in technology, RV air conditioners now offer a blend of power, efficiency, and whisper-quiet operation, making them an indispensable tool for any travel enthusiast.

Whether you’re parked in a sun-soaked desert or camping in a humid forest, the perfect RV air conditioner makes all the difference.

From units with heat pumps for chilly nights to all-in-one solutions designed for the specific layout of your vehicle, we’re here to guide you to the best choices to enhance your travel experience.

Top Picks for Best RV Air Conditioner

Our top picks cater to diverse needs, whether it’s the quiet operation, the ability to cool large spaces or an easy installation process.

These models stand out for their innovative features and overall performance, ensuring that your living space remains a haven of comfort during your travels.

RecPro RV Air Conditioner

The RecPro RV Air Conditioner presents a comprehensive cooling and heating solution, perfect for travelers who seek both functionality and convenience.

This quiet RV air conditioner operates at 110-120V and is designed to maintain a peaceful ambiance within your camper.

Its non-ducted system makes it a versatile choice for various RV models, while the straightforward installation process means you can quickly enjoy the benefits of a climate-controlled environment.

With its robust 15,000 BTU capacity, the RecPro not only cools your space effectively but also includes an air conditioner with a heat pump, ensuring you remain comfortable regardless of the season.

The all-in-one unit design integrates seamlessly with your RV’s interior, saving valuable living space without compromising on performance.

As a bonus, the unit’s quiet operation ensures that your sleep and relaxation time are undisturbed by mechanical noise, reinforcing the tranquility of your mobile home.

The RecPro’s blend of cooling and heating capabilities, combined with its ease of use, makes it a top contender for RV owners who prioritize both comfort and convenience.


  • Quiet operation ensures a peaceful environment.
  • Combines cooling and heating functions for year-round comfort.
  • Non-ducted design allows for flexible installation in different RV models.
  • 15,000 BTU capacity provides efficient temperature control.
  • Easy installation process for quick setup.


  • May require professional installation for optimal performance.
  • Non-ducted systems might not distribute air as evenly as ducted models.

Dometic 9600028600 FreshJet 3 Series 

The Dometic FreshJet 3 Series offers a powerful cooling solution with its 15,000 BTU capacity, ideal for keeping your RV environs cool and comfortable.

As a quiet RV air conditioner, it minimizes noise, allowing you to enjoy the sounds of nature without interruption.

The standard profile design of this unit fits neatly on the roof of your RV, providing a sleek appearance without sacrificing interior space.

Whether you have a ducted or non-ducted RV air conditioning system, this model can accommodate your setup, offering versatility for RV owners.

The cool-only function is specifically engineered for efficiency, ensuring that you use less energy while achieving the desired temperature. Its mechanical controls are user-friendly, making temperature adjustments a breeze.

While this unit doesn’t include a rooftop heat pump, its focus on efficient cooling makes it a standout option for those primarily traveling to warmer climates.

The Dometic FreshJet 3 Series is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality and innovation in the realm of RV air conditioning.


  • The standard profile design is sleek and saves valuable interior space.
  • Quiet operation for minimal disturbance.
  • 15,000 BTU capacity ensures powerful cooling.
  • Compatible with both ducted and non-ducted systems.
  • User-friendly mechanical controls.


  • Lacks a heating function for cooler weather.
  • May require professional installation.

FOGATTI RV Air Conditioner

The FOGATTI RV Air Conditioner is a top-tier option for RV owners who value a cool and comfortable living space. Its advanced technology, including a 13,500 BTU output, ensures powerful cooling that can cool the entire space quickly and efficiently.

The quiet operation of this unit is a testament to its design, which prioritizes a serene interior environment, perfect for those peaceful outdoor adventures.

With its compact design, the FOGATTI air conditioner saves valuable interior space, making it an excellent choice for smaller travel trailers or those seeking a minimalist aesthetic.

This model also features an all-in-one design that includes an air distribution box, optimizing airflow throughout your recreational vehicle. It’s an efficient cooling system that’s ready to tackle the demands of your RV adventure.

The non-ducted application of this model means easy installation and flexibility for various RV configurations. It’s a robust system designed to keep your RV comfortable in the heat, ensuring that your travels remain enjoyable no matter the destination.

The FOGATTI stands out among rooftop air conditioners for its blend of efficiency, compactness, and advanced cooling technology.


  • Advanced technology for efficient cooling.
  • Quiet operation for a peaceful living space.
  • Compact design saves valuable interior space.
  • Includes air distribution box for even air delivery.
  • Easy to install in a non-ducted application.


  • 13,500 BTU output may not suffice for very large RVs.
  • Non-ducted systems might not distribute air as uniformly as ducted models.

ASA Electronics ACM135 Advent Air 13,500 BTU

The ASA Electronics ACM135 Advent Air is a solid choice for RV enthusiasts seeking a balance of power and simplicity.

With a 13,500 BTU capacity, this rooftop AC unit promises to keep your space at a comfortable temperature during hot summer days.

Its white exterior merges smoothly with most RV designs, ensuring that aesthetics are not compromised for functionality.

The straightforward installation and operation make this unit a hit for RV owners who prefer a no-fuss approach to climate control.

The reliable cooling performance of the ACM135 Advent Air means you can focus more on enjoying your travels and less on fiddling with complex temperature settings. It’s a practical solution for those who value both efficiency and ease of use.

While the ACM135 doesn’t boast the highest BTU in the market, it strikes an excellent balance for small to medium-sized RVs, providing sufficient cooling without the bulk of larger units. It’s a dependable and user-friendly air conditioner that’s ready to embark on your next journey.


  • 13,500 BTU capacity is adequate for small to medium RVs.
  • Simple design and ease of operation.
  • Efficient cooling performance.
  • Seamless exterior integration with most RVs.


  • May not be powerful enough for larger RVs or extreme heat.
  • Lacks additional features like a built-in heat pump.

Factors to Consider When Selecting an RV Air Conditioner

Selecting the right RV air conditioner involves more than just finding a unit that fits your budget. You must consider superior cooling performance, the availability of a conversion kit for existing systems, and cutting-edge features like dual-fan technology to ensure an efficient and comfortable climate inside your travel home.

Understanding Cooling Capacity for Optimal Performance

Cooling capacity is a critical factor in choosing an RV air conditioner as it indicates the cooling power of the unit.

It is essential to select an air conditioner with the right cooling capacity to cool the interior of your RV effectively without overworking the system.

An air conditioner that is too small will struggle on hot days, while one that is too large can lead to humidity problems and inefficient operation.

When considering cooling capacity, BTU (British Thermal Units) ratings give you a measure of how much heat the air conditioner can remove from your RV.

Matching the BTU rating to the size of your RV is key for optimal performance. A unit with the correct BTU rating will maintain a comfortable temperature, even when the sun is beating down during your summer adventures.

5k BTU to 15k BTU – What’s Best for Your RV Size?

RVs come in various sizes, and so do their air conditioning needs. For smaller RVs or travel trailers, a 5,000 BTU air conditioner might suffice, especially in milder climates.

Mid-sized RVs generally require a unit in the range of 7,000 to 8,000 BTUs. However, for larger RVs, especially those with slide-outs or more than one living area, you should consider a 13,500 to 15,000 BTU air conditioner to ensure the entire space stays cool.

Remember, the right choice will depend not only on the size of your RV but also on factors such as insulation quality, window coverage, and personal comfort preferences.

An RV with poor insulation might require more BTUs to achieve the same level of cooling as a well-insulated one. It’s always a good idea to consult with a professional to ensure you’re selecting the best unit for your space.

Climate Considerations for Ideal Temperature Control

When planning to travel with your RV, it’s crucial to consider the climate of your destinations. The cooling capacity of your air conditioner should align with the typical weather conditions you’ll encounter.

Hotter, more humid areas will demand a powerful air conditioner with a higher BTU rating to maintain a cool and comfortable environment inside your RV.

For instance, if you plan to travel to regions where temperatures often soar to 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more, a robust 15k BTU air conditioner will be necessary to combat the heat.

Conversely, in cooler climates, a less powerful unit might suffice, saving you energy and reducing wear on the system.

Choosing the Right Model for Your Travel Destinations

If your adventures take you to hot and humid areas, you’ll need an air conditioner with a cooling capacity that can handle the demands of such a climate.

A 15k BTU unit is often the go-to choice for RVers facing temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or above. The powerful air conditioner will work efficiently to bring down the interior temperature to a comfortable level, even in extreme conditions.

Brands like Furrion Chill offer models that are specifically designed to perform well in high temperatures, ensuring that the degrees Fahrenheit inside your RV remain pleasant despite the scorching heat outside.

When selecting a model, consider not just the BTUs but also the quality of the components and the reputation of the manufacturer for reliable performance in demanding environments.

The Importance of Noise Level for a Peaceful Journey

Amidst the adventure of the open road, peace and tranquility within your RV are priceless. A noisy air conditioner can disrupt this calm, turning a restful night into a frustrating experience.

Therefore, the noise level of an air conditioning unit is an important factor to consider. It’s worth looking into air conditioners that feature sound-dampening technology or are designed to operate quietly.

Some newer models have made significant improvements in reducing noise output, making them ideal for light sleepers or those who value a quiet environment.

These units will allow you to enjoy a peaceful journey and a restful sleep, recharging you for the adventures that await the next day.

Quiet Operation Models for Uninterrupted Sleep

For uninterrupted sleep, quiet operation models are indispensable. Consider air conditioners with lower decibel levels and features like sleep mode that reduce noise during the night.

This attention to the noise level will ensure that your adventures are not only memorable but also restful, providing you with the energy needed for your daily explorations.


What factors should I consider when choosing an RV air conditioner?

When selecting an RV air conditioner, consider the cooling capacity, energy efficiency, noise level, the presence of features like dual-fan technology, and whether a conversion kit is available for your RV model. It’s also important to consider the BTU rating about your RV size and the climate of your travel destinations.

How do I know what BTU rating is suitable for my RV?

The BTU rating suitable for your RV depends on its size and insulation quality. As a general rule, smaller RVs require air conditioners with a 5,000 to 8,000 BTU rating, while larger RVs may need a unit with 13,500 to 15,000 BTUs. It’s advisable to consult with a professional for a precise assessment.

Can I install an RV air conditioner myself?

Many RV air conditioners are designed for easy installation, and you may be able to install them yourself if you have basic mechanical skills. However, for best results and to ensure warranty conditions are met, it’s recommended to have a professional perform the installation.

What is dual-fan technology, and why is it important in an RV air conditioner?

Dual-fan technology involves using two fans within the air conditioning unit to improve airflow and efficiency. This technology can lead to superior cooling performance and a more even distribution of cool air throughout the RV.

Are there RV air conditioners that provide both cooling and heating?

Yes, some RV air conditioners come with built-in heat pumps or heating elements that can provide warmth on cooler days. These all-in-one units are a versatile option for year-round climate control in your RV.

How can I ensure that my air conditioner is energy efficient?

Look for RV air conditioners with high energy efficiency ratings, such as those with an Energy Star label. Additionally, choosing a unit with the appropriate BTU rating for your RV size can help prevent energy waste from overcooling.

Final Thoughts on Selecting the Best RV Air Conditioner

Choosing the best RV air conditioner is about more than just staying cool; it’s about ensuring comfort and enjoyment on your travels.

By considering factors like cooling capacity, noise level, and energy efficiency, you can find a unit that meets your needs and enhances your travel experience.

Whether you’re venturing into the desert heat or the cool mountain air, the right air conditioner will maintain the perfect climate inside your RV, allowing you to focus on the adventure and beauty that surrounds you.

Make your selection with care, and you’ll have a reliable travel companion for many journeys to come.

Striking the right balance between power, energy efficiency, and convenience will ensure the selection of an air conditioner that aligns with your personal preferences.

Whether you have a small van or one of the largest RVs, options range from Advent Air’s ducted design for a seamless look to rooftop units with manual control for simplicity.

Take the time for thorough research and evaluation to ensure the air conditioning unit you choose will maintain a comfortable RV interior, complement your RV kitchen, and contribute to a memorable journey.